This is for my course and for recording my process

Final show!~~

Final show!~~

My work is about investigating the shape of slip. I’m trying to find out patterns and shapes which representing slip. I also considering the specific methods to the specific features of slip. Method of making, material, and the pattern are the key elements of my work. Some of my work has vivid colour. Because I’m trying not only show the visible pattern of slip, but also want to show the inner pattern, the process of making.


I do not start my work with a very specific plan. I start with a general idea and then I follow the process and material. I pour the slip into the mould, turned the mould when slip settled as a layer. During the process, most of the time I wait and see. I enjoy seeing the slip flow along the mould. It is a very slow process. Time plays a very important role in my work. It decides how layer looks like and how the whole work looks like. 


I get inspirations form the nature. I see every material object in nature has specific representative shapes. And the shape is made by the power which has strong relationship with the feature of material. I think the power is generated by the process of making in nature. Specific method relate to specific material. In my work, I mimic this process and trying to find out how the slip could loos like from its own features. On the other hand, theres no single way to representing slip. So I’m also looking for other ways of making.

Posted 3 years ago